SIGHTINGS From the Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve

2/12/08 – 3/11/08
SOUTH MARSH LOOP: Red-throated Loon; Common Loon; Pied-billed Grebe; Horned Grebe; Eared Grebe; Western Grebe; American White Pelican; Brown Pelican; Double-crested Cormorant; Pelagic Cormorant; Great Blue Heron; Great Egret; Snowy Egret; Canada Goose; Gadwall; Mallard; Northern Pintail; Green-winged Teal; Bufflehead; Common Goldeneye; Red-breasted Merganser; Turkey Vulture; White-tailed Kite; Cooper’s Hawk; Red-shouldered Hawk; Red-tailed Hawk; Black-bellied Plover; Killdeer; Greater Yellowlegs; Willet; Spotted Sandpiper; Whimbrel; Long-billed Curlew; Marbled Godwit; Western Sandpiper; Least Sandpiper; Dowitcher sps; Ring-billed Gull; Western Gull; Forster’s Tern; Mourning Dove; Barn Owl; Anna’s Hummingbird; Allen’s Hummingbird; Belted Kingfisher; Acorn Woodpecker; Northern Flicker; Black Phoebe; Say’s Phoebe; White-tailed KiteHutton’s Vireo; Steller’s Jay; Western Scrub-Jay; American Crow; Tree Swallow; Cliff Swallow; Chestnut-backed Chickadee; Oak Titmouse; Bushtit; Bewick’s Wren; Ruby-crowned Kinglet; Western Bluebird; Hermit Thrush; American Robin; Wrentit; European Starling; Yellow-rumped Warbler; Townsend’s Warbler; Common Yellowthroat; Spotted Towhee; California Towhee; Fox Sparrow; Song Sparrow; White-crowned Sparrow; Golden-crowned Sparrow; Dark-eyed Junco; House Finch; Lesser Goldfinch and American Goldfinch.

STRAWBERRY AREA: American Wigeon; Blue-winged Teal; Cinnamon Teal; Green-winged Teal; Black-necked Stilts; American Avocet; Greater Yellowlegs.

NORTH MARSH: American Wigeon; Canada Goose; Mallard; Northern Pintail; Scaup sps; Black-neck Stilt; American Avocet.

VISITOR CENTER AREA: Western Bluebird; Yellow-rumped Warbler.

Thanks to our volunteer spotters from the Elkhorn Slough Reserve: Shirley Murphy, Katherine Klein, Colette Darocy, Sheryl Gaebelein, Annie McNeill, the Plant Ladies, Anonymous and your reporter Linda Jordan.

Photo by Greg Hofmann 3/15/05