This was posted on our website 1/22/10:

Wild Happenings at Elkhorn Slough Reserve

A young female bobcat was released at the Elkhorn Slough Reserve in mid January. A good samaritan found the unconscious female bobcat, who had been hit by a car, on Jetty Road in Moss Landing. The bobcat appeared to be suffering from minor head trauma and spent the night at the SPCA Wildlife Center (off Highway 68 – the County’s main facility for wild animal rescue and rehabilitation). The SPCA determined she was healthy and ready to released into wild.

Normally wildlife found off the Reserve are NOT RELEASED onto the Reserve.  It is critical for the health of native populations and for the success of the individual animal being released that it be returned to the property where it was found.  Landowners near the site where this animal was found could not be reached and it became urgent to release the cat soon due to the stress of captivity.  A special exception was made to release this animal on the Reserve because bobcats are uncommon, the Reserve has appropriate habitat for them, and the Reserve is very near the site where the injured cat was found.  The California Department of Fish and Game would like to remind everyone not to move or release wildlife onto any area other than where it was found.  The SPCA would like to remind everyone not to transport injured wildlife themselves. If you find an injured animal, please call the SPCA.