March 2010

This was sent in from Jim Duckworth, a frequent photo contributor to our cause…

© Jim Duckworth

“The red-breasted merganser is listed as an “uncommon” visitor to the slough. On Sunday, February 28, there was a group of about a dozen swimming together along the east shoreline north of Kirby Park. I took the photo from my sea kayak as I watched them doing their breeding season posturing and generally having a good time. As the photo shows, they are a beautiful bird and one to watch for while kayaking at Elkhorn Slough this time of year. Either a long zoom camera lens or a pair of binoculars  would be useful in observing these birds.”


Looks like our friend the flamingo has decided to stay for a while.

This was sent in by Jim Duckworth, a frequent photo contributor to’s Best Shot photo contest.

The flamingo was photographed early Sunday morning on February 28 standing quietly with a group of friends, including gulls and cormorants. I had not heard about the flamingo being at the slough and as I was kayaking into the slough along the north shoreline approaching “Seal Bend” and looking for interesting bird photographs, I did a “double take” when I saw this beautiful bird standing well above all the other birds that were gathered for their early morning discussions. It stood there quietly and let me take a couple dozen photos.

This was sent in from a slough visitor…  Feel free to leave comments on bird ID.

We saw the flamingo on our Elkhorn Safari tour.
I have attached the photo.
Also, during our hike at the Elkhorn Preserve we saw a Hummingbird and an unidentified bird (Chickadee??).
I was wondering if you can identify them (which kind of Hummingbird?)

Thanks very much,
Barna De