These are from the Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve

South Marsh Loop: Pied-billed Grebe;Brown & Am. White Pelican; Double-crested Cormorant; Great Blue Heron; Great & Snowy Egret; Black-crowned Night-Heron; Canada Geese; Mallards; Turkey Vulture;  White-tailed Kite; Northern Harrier; Red-shouldered Red-tailed & Cooper’s Hawk; Black-bellied Plover; Greater Yellowlegs; Lesser Yellowlegs; Willets; Long-billed Curlew; Whimbrel; Marbled Godwit; Least Sandpiper; Spotted Sandpiper; Ring-billed, Cal.& Western Gull; Caspian Tern; Elegant Tern; Band-tailed Pigeon; Rock Pigeon; Mourning Dove; Barn Owl; Anna’s Hummingbird; Belted Kingfisher;  Acorn, Hairy & Downy  Woodpecker; Northern Flicker;Black Phoebe; Hutton’s Vireo; Steller’s Jay; Western Scrub-Jay; American Crow; Barn, Tree, & Cliff Swallow; Chestnut-backed Chickadee; Oak Titmouse;  Brown Creeper; Bushtit; Bewick’s Wren; Ruby-crowned Kinglet; Western Bluebird; Wilson’s Warbler; Cal. Thrasher; European Starling;  Spotted & Cal Towhee; Savannah & Song Sparrow; Wrentit; Dark-eyed Junco; House Finch; Lesser & American Goldfinch; Snakes & lizards and bunnies, oh my!



Thanks again to our spotters: Annie McNeill, Shirley Murphy, Jeana De La Torre, Linda Jordan; Amanda A., Caroline Rodgers, Deirdre Baxter, Laura DeMars; Marth Kenner and Trudi Stone (visiting from Oregon)