This week we had our first rain of the year and this is what the trails looked like the next morning.  Pillbugs!  You know, rolly pollies.

This shot was taken by Dave Feliz our Reserve Manager 10/12/12.


Friday, September 9
by Rikke Kvist Preisler, Estuarine Ecologist at the Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve

While doing fish surveys in the slough, she and her crew found a squid.

According to the “Changes in a California Estuary” book, the market
squid, Loligo opalescens is on the slough invert species list. The
reference is “Nybakken, personal communication”.

This beautiful sea slug was found in the Slough.  The photo was sent in from Linda Jordan – an Elkhorn Slough Reserve Docent.

It is Phyllaplysia taylori – an eelgrass specialist.

sea slug

A giant sheep crab carapace washed up in South Marsh. Probably the biggest crab you’ve ever seen!

Connie and Kerstin found it washed up in South Marsh of Elkhorn Slough, but no doubt in life it lived offshore.

Rikke keyed it out as a sheep crab, Loxorhynchus grandis. Below is a link to a bit of information on this species from the MB Aquarium’s website.