To report a slough sighting send us an email to the address below:
sloughsightings @ elkhornslough . org

Tell us who you are, where you were, when, what species, and all the details. You can include a low resolution image also.

Thanks for your participation!


7 Responses to “Report a Sighting”

  1. Richard Roberts Says:

    Superb sighting this morning – perched on a dead tree limb over a lagoon – of an immature Green Heron on the way back from Hummingbird Island

  2. Visited most birding area around and sighted flocks of curlews, pairs of yellowlegs, egrets, herons, stilts. And new to us,a cinnamon teal and a pair of yellowthroat.

  3. Geoff Says:

    I was walking towards the front gate the other day and a little brown rabbit jumped out on the road in front of me, wiggled it’s nose, looked at me and then jumped back into the bushes. They are few and far between but they are always fun to watch.

  4. Mark Boehme Says:

    Hi, I went kayaking in the Slough 1-20-13. Paddled up probably 1.5 miles. I saw many grebes in non-breeding plummage. It seemed to me they were horned grebes, but the blog notes that grebe sightings on 1-18 were eared grebes. Is it possible that there are both species there? Also it appreared that there were two immature or nonbreeding common loons. No blog on this possible sighting. Are these loons found in the slough? Thanks.


  5. Barbara Says:

    Hi Mark. Both horned and eared grebes use Elkhorn Slough. Check a bird book or online ID source so you can tell one from the other. Common loons also winter in the slough. Sounds like you had a fun paddle!

  6. Mark Boehme Says:

    I consulted a number of field guides and it appears that they were eared grebes. Thanks!


  7. yann Says:

    spotted a pair of Brant geese near the jetty at Moss Landing as a sea otter was “walking”, more like hobbling onto the beach (either a heavy pregnant female or a sick animal)

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